Brisbane Electrical and Airconditioning (BEA) have a wide range of services to help you manage your strata management needs. Not only can we ensure you meet your building compliance and OH&S requirements, but we can also make recommendations to improve your electricity costs.

RCD Tests and Emergency Lighting for Common Areas

To ensure you meet your strata requirements in Queensland it is extremely important to ensure you have regular RCD tests on community lighting and power. Not only can this save lives, it is a legal requirement.

Emergency lighting is another important area of strata management that is required to  be tested every 6 months to ensure compliance with the law.


We make it easy for you by scheduling 6-monthly tests and completing all your compliance requirements – everything from testing to logging.

General Community Lighting and Power

As part of our strata service we also ensure all lights and power sources are functioning properly throughout your property. We have the tools and expertise to quickly and safely check all of your fittings and replace anything necessary. We can complete a regular inspection of your common areas to ensure everything is in good working order.

Energy Efficiency Audits

We don’t just focus on compliance for our strata customers – we also help our strata customers identify where they could save money via an energy audit. We can recommend a number of energy-saving options, including;

  • Fluro-to-LED conversions – LEDS are much more energy efficient and last longer than fluros
  • Digital Timers – lights that are left on in common areas are costly and a waste of electricity. We can set up timers so that lights turn off when common areas are not in use.
  • PIR Sensors – we can have lights turn on automatically when a resident enters a common area. Think about things like entrances, stairwells and parking spaces where lighting does not need to always be switched on.

Fire Smoke Alarms

Fire alarms don’t save lives. Functioning fire alarms save lives. They must be checked on a regular basis to ensure they are working properly. We are able to ensure all of your fire and smoke alarms are functioning properly and are fully charged and connected. As part of our fire alarm service we can test and log all of your fire alarms within common areas. We can also check all private fire alarms not covered under strata upon request.


To reduce the time you spend on managing your strata electrical concerns, and to save money from ongoing electrical costs, give us a call. We are more than happy to discuss your needs and give you a quote for services.