Commercial Electrician

Do you need a fully-licensed and experienced electrician? Are you looking for an electrical contractor who can manage all of your ongoing tagging, emergency light maintenance & RCD/Safety switch testing? At Brisbane Electrical and Airconditioning (BEA) we have the experience and the expertise to see your project through from start to finish, and to provide you with ongoing maintenance services.

Fit-outs and How We Help You

At BEA we are more than just electricians; we are able to take your business layout and make suggestions to ensure your business runs as smoothly and efficient as possible. The last thing any business wants is to have extension cords and power boards overlapping data cables in order to use a computer or EFTPOS machine. Not only does this look ugly, it can be a safety hazard as well dangerous.

At BEA we go through your requirements first to better understand your business layout. We will ask questions such as, ‘Where will people be sitting?’ to ensure they have adequate lighting, and, ‘Are your staff hot-desking or will they have permanent seating?’ so we know where to install data cables.

Yes, it’s simple stuff, but it so often overlooked.

From here we recommend the most appropriate position for all of your power points, light switches and phone & data ports to get the most effective set-up for you. Then, after we’ve explained everything to you, we get started and complete the job as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to your businesses day to day operation.

Energy Audit | Rising Cost of Electricity

With the cost of electricity rising, energy efficiency is a major concern for commercial operations. At BEA we can perform an energy audit for you that includes recommendations that will improve your current energy usage. As part of our consultative approach we will find out what your long-term business plans are and help you decide the long-term financial benefit of making changes today.

Yes, we even help you calculate when your ‘break-even’ point will occur
and what your long-term annual savings could be.

Emergency Lighting and Fire-and-Smoke-Alarm Maintenance

Two of the most common services we provide are:

  • Emergency lighting maintenance
  • Fire and smoke alarm maintenance

These devices are required by law to be tested 6 monthly to ensure that they are functioning properly and are compliant by law.

Testing & Tagging and RCD/Safety Switch Maintenance

Many commercial operations are aware that they have OH&S obligation to ensure their electrical equipment and facilities are maintained, but many businesses don’t know what these obligations are.

According to the Work Health and Safety Act, breaches can carry a cost of up to $3 million dollars for corporations! Can you afford the financial risk and damage to your reputation of having an injured employee or customer in your workplace?

BEA can provide you with an understanding of your OH&S requirements and, more importantly, we can protect your business with regular scheduled maintenance. We are experts in scheduled electrical maintenance and can make sure you meet your legal obligations.

If you want a commercial electrician to give you the right advice, and save you money and headaches, give us a call today. We’d be more than happy to have a chat.

BEA, More Power to You